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UNITEDNATIONSPLAY, a next-generation multipurpose entertainment and media instrument for UN's community outreach

Type: Project
Regions: Europe

Partnership for The Co-Development of The Defeat-NCD Marketplace

Type: Need

UN Human Rights (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Type: Entity
Regions: Africa; Americas; Asia; Europe; Middle East; Oceania

Support for Schooling Orphans in Yemen - "Back to School"

Type: Project
Regions: Middle East

Ambassadors of Peace Among Nations

Type: Project
Regions: Americas; Asia; Europe; Middle East

SuperGreen Solutions Proposes a Partnership to Globally Enable Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to Operate More Sustainably

Type: Project
Regions: Americas; Europe; Middle East

National Robotics Club

Type: Project
Regions: Africa; Americas; Asia; Europe; Oceania

Trade support for LDC & developing countries

Type: Project
Regions: Africa; Americas; Asia

Promoting and Stimulating Sustainable Livelihoods for Youth and Women

Type: Project
Regions: Africa