Investing in Natural Solutions

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Investing in Natural Solutions

  • Overview


    By 2015, The Walt Disney Company commits to fund reforestation projects, fund a forest management project and to conduct a pilot study to quantify ecosystem benefits and services.

    Commitment Target(s)
    • 2015 – Fund 6,000 acres of reforestation projects     

    • 2015 – Fund one forest management project that results in enhancing carbon sequestration and provides certified wood/paper

    • 2015 – Conduct a pilot study in partnership with leading organizations to quantify ecosystem benefits and services other than carbon

    • Details

      Protecting the planet and conserving nature for future generations is a rich part of Disney’s history and a vital focus for our future. Current scientific conclusions indicate that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are urgently required to avert accelerated climate change. Scarcity of natural resources and threats to ecosystems and biodiversity are serious environmental issues. These challenges demand fundamental changes in the way businesses use natural resources, and Disney is no exception.
      In 2009, Disney announced a set of ambitious long-term goals around energy and carbon emissions, ecosystems, waste and water to reduce our environmental impact. These goals are rooted in the recognition that a healthy environment is essential to Disney’s long-term success. Disney’s business operations are reliant on natural resources and we recognize the importance of conserving and utilizing these resources responsibly. Healthy forests are a natural solution for sequestering carbon efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing many other valuable benefits. By improving the valuation of natural systems, Disney may also be able to make strategic investments in natural solutions that support efficient resource use.

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      2. Zero hunger
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