Making a difference for 15 million students Partnership to Empower Learning Environment through Tech

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Making a difference for 15 million students Partnership to Empower Learning Environment through Tech

  • Overview


    Millenium@EDU is a multi-stakeholder initiative, bringing together some of the world’s largest technology companies, together with local companies and other stakeholders to improve access and quality of education and learning, using information, communication and scientific technologies ICSTs. Millenium@EDU will contribute to the objectives of the Secretary-General’s Education First initiative.

    The companies involved, which include Intel, Microsoft, Pasco, SanDisk, e-Xample, and other companies from different continents, will provide their high-value products and services for this initiative. The Millennium@EDU will enable local OEMs to put together affordable but comprehensive “Education Solution Packs”, including computer devices, software (operating systems and productivity tools), communication and collaboration cloud services, content, labware, interactive whiteboards, school servers and training programs addressing the requirements for education, learning and inclusion.

    This initiative brings together companies with complementary products, services and expertise to provide a comprehensive affordable education solution, being open to further stakeholders willing to participate.
    Millenium@EDU will make its Solution Packs available to comprehensive national, regional or local initiatives fulfilling an innovative strategy for education, including the development of 21st century skills as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication, among others; a connectivity plan; and a socio-economic local initiative adding local value.

    Intel is supporting the initiative through low cost, purpose built educational technology and programs such as Intel Learning Series Software Suite that makes learning engaging, fosters efficient classrooms, and provides tools for smooth deployment and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the overall education solution, that help governments transform their educational systems. Intel will also provide governments access to teacher professional development and online resources that will help their teachers successfully integrate technology into their classrooms and develop critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills in their students. For 12 years, the Intel® Teach Program has helped K–12 teachers around the world integrate technology into classrooms and promote student-centered approaches to engage students in learning and prepare them with critical skills for success in our digital world. Today, more than 10 million teachers trained through Intel Teach in 70 countries are preparing the next generation to learn, lead, and succeed in the global economy in four areas areas:

    • Affordable Hardware and Software Technologies – in particular Intel processor technology, ILS Sw Stack for Education, and Intel® Teach Program
    • Intel Teach Elements – including:
    o Project-Based Approaches
    o Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
    o Collaboration in a Digital Classroom
    o Thinking Critically with Data
    o Inquiry in the Science Classroom
    • Digital Help Guide – also offer the Intel Help Guide The Digital Help Guide promotes technology literacy skills in the classroom with easy-to-follow, task-based activities. The guide helps build students’ abilities in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, and multimedia.

    Microsoft understands that its mission in Education is to help students and educators throughout the world realize their full potential. Through its Shape the Future program, Microsoft aims at creating partnerships to help governments achieve their broad scale digital access goals – from education reform to creating a 21st century workforce. Through the Partners in Learning and IT Academy programs, Microsoft works with and for teachers and schools that develop innovative teaching practices, while helping students developing 21st century skills. For Microsoft, ICT investment in education is considered a key way to fuel economic development, increase workforce competitiveness, transition to a globalized, knowledge-based economy, and drive job creation, bridging the digital and opportunity divides.

    Sharing the same ultimate goals, Microsoft will contribute to the Millennium@EDU initiative through its Shape the Future and Partners in Learning programs, making available software (e.g., Windows and Office), cloud services and teacher and school leader training assets, subject to the programs’ terms and conditions in each country.
    These contributes will be key to achieving the Millennium@EDU program’s mission of enabling every student and teacher in the program access to information technologies, including computing devices, content, software and applications, all specially tailored for learning, education and e-inclusion.

    Commitment Target(s)
    • 2015 – Provide a total of 15 Million Millennium@EDU Solution Packs to students and teachers around the world representing 1% of the student’s population

    • 2015 – The Millennium@EDU Solution Pack will be made available to a minimum of 150 countries, comprising computer device, operating system, productivity and Classroom management tools, school server, labware, interactive whiteboards, contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

    • 2015 – Engage National projects led by local promoters from the public and private sector, boosting the local technology industry.

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      Industry sector(s) that apply to this commitment
      Software & computer services; Technology hardware & equipment
      Country(s) where this commitment will be implemented
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      Open to additional partners

      This commitment is open to additional partners. Please contact to indicate your interest.

      Names of committing organisations
      • Millenium@EDU - Business (SME)
      • Microsoft - Business (SME)
      • Intel - Business (SME)
      Names of additional partners

      Pasco, SanDisk, e-Xample, and other companies from different continents

      Note: All organisations listed above are accountable for the commitment made. These organisations are required to complete an annual communication on progress for the duration of the commitment, either jointly or individually, as laid out in the accountability section of the submission form.