Coalition for Sustainable Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Coalition for Sustainable Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

  • Overview


    To reduce the carbon footprint and improve the health impacts of products and related pathways

    Commitment Target(s)
    • 2015 – Members will develop joint projects that can support progress towards improved health and reduced environmental impact which will be reported bi-annually through the group.

    • 2015 – All members will support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the National Health, public health and social care system in England

    • 2017 – Advancing development and adoption of standardized methodology for measuring carbon footprint of products and care pathways and striving to continually reduce the carbon footprint of our products and the healthcare pathways they serve

    • 2020 – Member companies will estimate and publish their scope 1 and 2 carbon footprints and initiate development of standardized Scope 3 sector-specific estimation

    • 2020 – Member companies will use the guidance developed by the group to assess the carbon footprints for the high carbon intensity products purchased by the NHS and share how they plan to tackle the hotspots identified

    • Details

      The Coalition for Sustainable Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (CSPM) is a working group of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, who, with NHS England want to enable the transition to more sustainable healthcare products and services. We do this through promoting best practice and developing sustainability tools and guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of our products. CSPM is committed to make significant progress in understanding and implementing changes that will lead to more sustainable healthcare practices because the implications of climate change and environmental degradation pose a risk to healthcare systems and crucially, to human
      CSPM serve as a catalyst to reduce our carbon impact across the product lifecycle through the use of sector specific carbon foot printing guidelines developed by the coalition. We also explore better ways of delivering health outcomes for all as a means of addressing climate change and the
      impacts associated with it.

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      Other members of the Coalition

      Sustainable Development Goals
      2. Zero hunger; 3. Good health and well-being; 7. Affordable and clean energy; 11. Sustainable cities and communities; 12. Responsible consumption and production; 13. Climate action; 14. Life below water; 15. Life on land
      Issue areas
      Biodiversity; Climate Change; Energy; Food and Agriculture; Health; Principle 7; Principle 8; Principle 9
      Industry sector(s) that apply to this commitment
      Pharmaceuticals & biotechnology
      Country(s) where this commitment will be implemented
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      Open to additional partners

      This commitment is open to additional partners. Please contact to indicate your interest.

      Names of committing organisations
      • Astrazeneca - Industry Organisation
      • Baxter - Industry Organisation
      • Covidien - Industry Organisation
      • GSK - Industry Organisation
      • J&J - Industry Organisation
      • Novo Nordisk - Industry Organisation
      Names of additional partners

      National Health Service – UK
      Public Health England

      Note: All organisations listed above are accountable for the commitment made. These organisations are required to complete an annual communication on progress for the duration of the commitment, either jointly or individually, as laid out in the accountability section of the submission form.