Famine Threats in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia

Famine Threats in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia

  • Overview

    More than 20 million people in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia are facing famine or a credible risk of famine over the coming six months. 1.4 million children are currently at imminent risk of death from malnutrition.

    To avert a major humanitarian catastrophe, the UN and its partners must massively scale up efforts now. Humanitarian Response Plans for Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen have identified prioritized needs in the food and livelihoods, nutrition, health, water and sanitation sectors. Life-saving assistance in these areas represent key sectors of famine response and prevention. Read more in the Humanitarian Response Plans:
    - Nigeria
    - South Sudan
    - Somalia
    - Yemen

    To combat the crisis, humanitarian operations in the four countries will require more than US$5.6 billion in 2017, of which at least US$4.4 billion are needed urgently.

    The UN and the international community is mobilizing support for humanitarian action and requesting help from the private sector to assist with crisis response in these famine affected countries. The UN Global Compact urges companies to consider contributing to help the affected people in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is leading the effort to activate emergency funding and response mechanisms so that organizations and companies can contribute with in-kind supplies, funds and other forms of assistance. They have developed a “Business Guide” for the famines to further identify needs and contributions companies can make to alleviate the crisis:
    Business Guide Four Famines
    Business Guide Yemen

    Photo credit: UN Photo/Stuart Price.

    Donate cash via the UN Central Emergencies Response Fund

    To speed up humanitarian relief efforts, the UN has set up a central humanitarian fund — the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) — collecting contributions to help ensure that funds are on-hand to allow the UN to save lives quickly. Donate now

    Other Responses

    You are welcome to propose other ways of providing support in response to this humanitarian crisis. To ensure your offer has the greatest chance of being utilised, it will be sent to a wider group of organisations that are active in the humanitarian relief operations, including UN agencies and charities / NGOs.

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