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The Business Guide to Partnering with NGOs and the United Nations


To help companies navigate the partnership field, Global Compact has joined forces with Dalberg Global Development Advisors to produce the first ever market-based guide to NGOs and UN agencies. The ‘Business Guide to Partnering with NGOs and the UN’ is based on a survey of about 20,000 companies worldwide, and profiles NGOs and UN agencies – both global and local – that have demonstrated competency in areas such as advocacy, awareness-raising, health and the environment.

Over 65% of Global Compact members today are engaged in partnerships with NGOs and UN agencies, a figure that is only expected to increase in the next few years. To help businesses navigate the partnership field, Global Compact has compiled a comprehensive directory over leading NGOs and UN agencies in the world.

As companies face the complex challenges of operating in new markets while simultaneously minimising risk and developing high impact CSR programs, they are increasingly drawing upon the skill, knowledge, and experience of non-traditional partners to be successful.

The Guide seeks to further the impact of partnerships by increasing transparency, providing easy access to partners, and showcasing successful partnerships. It is an important reference for anyone seeking to engage in partnerships with NGOs/UN agencies – both to help identify the right partner, and also as a source of direction on what to look for in a partnership. For example, the survey highlights that companies most value strong accountability and execution skills in NGO/UN partners, detailed assessments of which can be found for each of the social actors profiled in the Guide.

Launched in the Financial Times in July, the Guide has since received wide acclaim. Global Compact members who participated in the survey received free electronic versions of the Guide.

To purchase a copy of the Guide or to find out more, please contact the UN Global Compact Office.