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New Guide for Creating Effective UN-Business Partnerships now Available


A new guide, entitled “Partnership fundamentals: A 10-step guide for creating effective UN-Business partnerships” has been published by the UN Global Compact, in Cooperation with Unilever and Dalberg.

Derived from insights distilled from existing UN-Business partnerships, this guide serves as a step-by-step roadmap for maximizing the transformative potential of your partnership. As transformational partnerships cannot exist without a strong foundation in place from the outset, this guide provides help with building effective partnerships, as well as a method to diagnose existing ones.

The guide breaks down the partnership process into three distinct phases, namely (i) Exploration, (ii) Design and Negotiation and (iii) Implementation and provides guidance within each phase. The guide also goes into detail on how to assess existing partnerships to determine if the interests of all partners are being fulfilled as well as determining the overall operational quality of partnerships.

Partnerships between the UN and Business have the potential for significant impact. Success is not guaranteed, however. Each stage of the partnership lifecycle brings with it complexity and nuance, demanding proactive management and determination. When planned and executed effectively, the combined vision, commitment, expertise, and resources can deliver positive and sustainable change to all parts of the globe, addressing the underlying interests of both the UN and Business. With proper care and attention, partnerships can reach their full potential, creating lasting impact.

To download the guide, please follow the link