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UNIDO and QUINVITA Join Forces on Bio-energy Development


By: Philippe Scholtès and Tally Einav, UNIDO

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and QUINVITA have joined forces to support sustainable development of bio-energy crops in tropical regions.

QUINVITA is a global industrial crop technology company that focuses on deploying new technologies in alternative energy crops like Jatropha curcas. Over the years it has developed a unique knowledge base in Jatropha genetics, agronomy and processing and is one of the few companies in the world with a combination of seeds, technology and knowledge that is readily available for practical implementation in Jatropha plantations. In addition QUINVITA is developing a broader knowledge base on other novel industrial crops and on traditional agricultural crops based on the collective experience of the QUINVITA management.

UNIDO’s Agribusiness Development Branch spearheads the Organization’s initiatives towards the Millennium Development Goal of reducing poverty and hunger through programs and initiatives that help create jobs and incomes in rural areas, particularly through the flagship program “the Accelerated Agribusiness and Agro-industries Development Initiative”, or the 3ADI, focusing on Africa and least developed countries.

“On the side of UNIDO, we see the potential of energy crops in developing countries. They can be key for producing green, renewable energy and for poverty reduction through the diversification of income for smallholder farmers. We will strive to combine the scientific, technical and financial resources of QUINVITA and UNIDO to cooperate on the development of novel bio-energy crops,” said Philippe Scholtès, Director of UNIDO’s Agribusiness Development Branch.

“QUINVITA is very honored and excited about the opportunity to become one of the knowledge partners of UNIDO in the development of novel bio-energy crops. QUINVITA strongly supports small and more intensified sustainable farming operations that integrate the production of food, fiber, feed and fuels. We see this as a key mechanism for the developing world to create economic growth and hence reduced poverty and a balanced offering of products strongly needed for these societies. Together with UNIDO, QUINVITA wants to contribute to a World in Balance,” said Henk Joos, Chief Executive Officer of QUINVITA.

The first example of cooperation is the project “strategic analysis of the potential of novel bio-energy crops in ECOWAS countries”, jointly implemented by the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), QUINVITA and UNIDO.

For more information, please contact Philippe R. Scholtès, Director, Agribusiness Development Branch, UNIDO.