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UN-Business Focal Point Newsletter Issue 17 (June 2012)

The Information Bulletin for UN Private Sector Focal Points.

From the Global Compact

Letter From the Global Compact
By: Georg Kell, UN Global Compact Office
Welcome to the 17th issue of the UN-Business Focal Point newsletter!

Thematic Focus: Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy for All Partnership
Without access to sustainable energy, there can be no sustainable development. One person in five on the planet still lacks access to modern electricity. Twice that number, three billion people, rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and heating. In a global economy, this is inequitable – and unsustainable.

How Women and Young People Can Help Us Accelerate Sustainable Development
By: Chantal Line Carpentier, UN DESA and Tess Mateo, CxCatalysts
This year’s International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and the upcoming 20-year anniversary of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro provide a great opportunity to break down barriers to engage in creative problem solving. New technologies are fueling innovative collaborations enabling us to bring together our collective knowledge and resources to address problems too big for us to solve in our traditional ways. This article reflects some of the possibilities if the talents of multiple stakeholders can be harnessed, specifically women and young people like university students.

WBCSD Report Highlights Opportunity Areas for Scaling up Business Action to Enable Energy Access for All
By: Filippo Veglio, WBCSD
Addressing the lack of access to clean, reliable and affordable energy services for billions of people is one of the world’s most critical development challenges and is becoming increasingly prominent on the international agenda.

New Partnership Projects

Blue for Good: A Cause-Related Marketing Campaign by UNODC
By: Claudia Arthur-Flatz, External Relations Officer and Private Sector Focal Point, UNODC.
As part of its efforts to forge partnerships with the private sector, the UNODC Blue Heart Campaign against Human Trafficking has entered into a joint funding and promotional venture with luxury fashion label Beulah London, a socially conscious brand which, through the manufacture of its fashion items, works with women who have escaped the sex trade in India.

ING and UNICEF: Working Together for Children and Education
By: Laura De Santis, UNICEF
ING, a global financial services company and one of UNICEF’s strongest partners has made a commitment to support UNICEF’s goal of providing basic quality education to every child, another step towards achieving universal primary education as set out in the Millennium Development Goals.

Intel and UNFPA to Boost Health Workers’ Skills around the World
In an effort to address the high number of unnecessary deaths during pregnancy and childbirth, Intel and UNFPA have announced a joint commitment to strengthen the skills of midwives and community health workers through technology and training materials from the two organizations.

UNEP-SBCI: A Partnership Advancing Sustainability in the Building Sector
By Curt Garrigan, UNEP-DTIE SBCI Initiative and Sonia Uribe, UNEP-DTIE
It is well recognized that the building sector has great opportunities to both lead a transformation to a green economy and to contribute substantially to GHG emission reductions worldwide. Launched in 2006, UNEP’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (UNEP-SBCI) seeks to capitalize on these opportunities through a unique partnership with public and private sector stakeholders in the building sector.

Innovating for Emergency Telecommunications: The “emergency.lu” Platform
By: Mariko Hall, Communication Analyst, WFP IT Emergency Preparedness and Response branch
Humanitarian emergencies are extremely complex, with often hundreds of thousands of people requiring urgent assistance, spread over large physical areas, in increasingly insecure operating environments. In these desperate situations, efficient and effective communications is paramount.

UNHCR and Lebara Helping Displaced Children Access Education
By: Claire Palmer, Private Sector Fundraising Associate, UNHCR London
Lebara, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications operators for migrant communities, has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support vital education and protection measures to children in Colombia, Ghana, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Turkey.

UNDP Syria and Total E&P Partner to Build Vocational Training Center for Youth and Women
By Faten Tibi, UNDP Syria
In order to address challenges in the Der ez Zor Governorate in Syria head on, UNDP entered into partnership with the oil company Total E&P, the Syrian Ministry of Industry and the Chamber of Commerce to build a new vocational training center. The center, which was launched in July 2011, aims to build the vocational skills of youth and women in order to open new market opportunities in areas other than agriculture and to prepare them for jobs in regional markets.

UNHCR and the LEGO Foundation join forces for refugee children
By: Hélène Ahlberger, Corporate Relations Manager, UNHCR Stockholm
In June 2011, the LEGO Foundation and UNHCR agreed to join forces to provide education and ensure development and well-being of children who are refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless as well as returnee and internally displaced children assisted and protected by UNHCR.

UNIDO and QUINVITA Join Forces on Bio-energy Development
By: Philippe Scholtès and Tally Einav, UNIDO
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and QUINVITA have joined forces to support sustainable development of bio-energy crops in tropical regions.

Themes and Debate

Blue, Bitter, Burdensome? Developing an Identity and Brand for Tuberculosis
By: Daniela Mohaupt, Stop TB Partnership Secretariat
There were 1.4 million reasons last year why global Tuberculosis (TB) advocacy needs a ‘refresh’. Ultimately, obtaining a world free of TB requires the cooperation, coordination and ‘dynamization’ of the Partnership’s greatest resource: its partners around the world. Both the TB community and global health advocates recognize that corporations are valuable allies to tap into for acquiring corporate skills and competencies in order to influence and shape the way the world talks about TB.

UN Private Sector Focal Points Meet, Discuss Accelerating UN-Business Partnerships
On 28-29 March 2012, over 120 representatives from UN agencies, private sector companies and NGOs gathered for the annual United Nations System Private Sector Focal Points Meeting in Vienna. This meeting represented the largest ever turnout of UN and private sector representatives, demonstrating growing interest in this area.

UNDP Rallies Public-Private Partnerships for Agribusiness and Food Security in Africa
By: Juergen Nagler, African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM), UNDP
A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) high level public-private dialogue which took place in October 2011 during the AgriBusiness Forum has received strong support from African Ministers of Agriculture, the private sector, civil society and development partners.

“Realizing Green Growth”: UN DESA Gears up for Rio+20 with High-Level Business and Industry Consultations
By: Carla Zorzanelli and Chantal Line Carpentier, UN DESA
In preparing for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012, member states, business representatives and representatives from a wide range of other stakeholders are engaging in discussions on how best to cooperate to transition towards a green economy, while bearing in mind different national circumstances and priorities, the primacy of poverty eradication to developing countries and the important role of the private sector in sustainable development.

Meet a Focal Point

Meet a UN Focal Point: Nicole Carta, Resource Mobilization Specialist, UNFPA
Nicole Carta has been a Resource Mobilization Specialist with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) since September 2009. Prior to joining UNFPA, Nicole worked as a program officer at a foundation in California which served as her introduction to programs dealing with reproductive health issues. Before working in the non-profit sector, Nicole spent 10 years in the private sector mainly in marketing, communications and project management.

Meet a Private Sector Focal Point: Fleur Hudig, Sustainability/Community Investment, ING
Ms. Fleur Hudig is Manager of Community Investment at ING, a global financial institution offering banking, insurance, and asset management services to over 60 million private, corporate, and institutional clients in over 50 countries. In this position within the global sustainability department, ING’s partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)is part of her portfolio.

Tools and Resources

SCN News 39 Focuses on Business Engagement in Nutrition
By: Denise Coitinho, Sabrina Ionata and Lina Mahy, UNSCN
Nutrition and business interests are overlapping more and more. Fitting with a broader trend, companies are increasingly including product and social innovation as well as sustainability into their core corporate strategies and supply chains, while continuously reaching out to new consumers, including the urban and rural poor, exploring emerging markets and engaging with other nutrition stakeholders.

New Report on How Donors Can Better Engage the Private Sector for Development in LDCs
A new report, entitled “Partners in Development: How Donors Can Better Engage the Private Sector for Development in LDCs”, put together by the UN Global Compact Office, the Bertelsmann Foundation and UNDP is now available. The overall aim of this research is to explore how donors can effectively support public-private collaboration efforts in order to attract sustainable investments and foster development in Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs).