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FAO Partners with Industry to Develop Guidelines for Monitoring Environmental Impact of the Livestock Sector


By: Pierre Gerber, FAO

The Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) Animal Production and Health Division, together with a group of agriculture and food business representatives, will explore a new multi-stakeholder partnership for benchmarking and monitoring the environmental performance of the livestock sector.

In order to clarify the vision and objectives as well as to solidify the commitment to collaborate on improving livestock food chains, the FAO developed a draft proposal that was further refined by government, private sector and civil society stakeholders during a consultation in March 2011. From these efforts, together with continuous dialogue between the partners, the partnership was formally launched in July 2012. It remains open to new participants.

The main focus of the partnership is on the development of broadly recognized sector-specific guidelines for monitoring environmental impact of the livestock sector. The idea is that this will result in a better understanding and management of the key factors influencing the sector’s performance as well as contribute to improved environmental performance of the livestock sector while considering social and economic viability. To achieve this, the partnership will aim to strengthen decision-making by providing guidance on environmental assessments and their subsequent application. Moreover, the partnership will promote the exchange of data and information, research and technology geared towards improving and harmonizing the way in which livestock food chains are assessed and monitored.

For more information, please contact: Annamaria Pastore Liaison Officer, Private Sector Team Leader, Office of Communications, Partnerships and Advocacy (OCP), Partnerships with Civil Society and Private Sector Branch (OCPP), FAO.