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New Handbook on UN-Business Partnerships Launched


The UN Global Compact Office, together with the Global Public Policy Institute, launched a new handbook for UN staff on constructing partnerships with the private sector at the annual United Nations Private Sector Focal Point meeting which took place from 24-25 April 2013 at the International Labour Organization in Geneva.

The United Nations is involved in a vast number of partnerships with business, ranging from time-bound projects to raise money for UN entities, to permanent global structures with hundreds of partners that want to develop new international norms and standards. The increase in partnerships between the UN and business reflects the critical need for collaborative and innovative solutions for addressing the world’s challenges. The handbook adopts the perspective of UN partnership practitioners to see how they can support this trend through more effective UN-business partnerships.

The handbook provides an overview of the steps to take prior to engaging in partnerships, including: analyzing the partnership’s unique building blocks; introducing six partnership models suitable for achieving partnership success; and providing additional tools and resources for further support. Besides serving as a tool for UN practitioners, the handbook can help corporate representatives better understand the goals and needs of their partners in the UN.

To download the handbook, please click here.

For more information, please contact: Wade Hoxtell, Head of Operations, Global Public Policy Institute.