Partnership story

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TNT and WFP team up to Move the World


Since 2002, TNT has been an active partner of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency. Each year, WFP provides food aid to an average of 90 million people, including 56 million children, in more than 80 countries.

TNT has committed its knowledge, skills and resources to support WFP in its life saving effort. To date TNT has invested €38 million in the partnership in the form of hands-on support in emergencies, knowledge transfer projects to help WFP to be more efficient and effective, and advocacy and fundraising activities. On top of this, TNT employees have raised an additional €9 million for WFP’s School Feeding Projects.

Through the programme, TNT sends specialist skilled people to all parts of the world to help WFP build capacity and exchange skills and knowledge. TNT gives WFP hands-on support by providing skilled people when and where it’s needed. WFP and TNT are committed to help secure the long-term future of vulnerable communities by assisting them in a responsible and sustainable way.