Partnership story

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SN Power and UNDP partner in Nepal


SN Power’s subsidiary, Himal Power Limited (HPL), owns and operates the 60 MW Khimti hydropower plant in Nepal. Since the plant’s commissioning in 2000, an extensive community development programme has been carried out to benefit the local area surrounding the plant.

The main component of the programme is rural electrification. A mini hydropower plant will be built and more than 3500 households are to be electrified. This adds on to the existing mini hydropower plant of 620 kW and the 4300 households already electrified by the earlier phases of the project. All assets are, and will be, owned and managed by the local electricity users themselves through a cooperative, the Khimti Rural Electrification Cooperative, KREC.

In addition to electrification, other important parts of the KiND Project are: local economic development, skills training, women’s empowerment and irrigation measures.