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GC and investment firms look at integrating environmental, social, and governance issues into business


In July 2004 the Global Compact launched the Who Cares Wins initiative. Signed by the CEOs of 20 mainstream global investment houses representing $6 trillion in assets – including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, ABN Amro, Morgan Stanley and others – the initiative calls on endorsers to actively integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into research and investment processes.

Who Cares Wins was launched in early 2004 as a joint initiative of the financial industry and the UN Global Compact, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Swiss Government. The aim was to support the financial industry’s efforts to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into mainstream investment decision-making and ownership practices through a series of high-level meetings with investment professionals.

At the heart of the Initiative lay the conviction that increased consideration of environmental, social and governance issues will ultimately lead to better investment decisions, create stronger and more resilient financial markets, and contribute to the sustainable development of societies.