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TNT Moving the World - TNT's pillars of support to the WFP


The video explains the three forms of support that TNT offers to the WFP.

TNT offers support to the World Food Program (WFP) in three ways.

Firstly, knowledge transfer projects use the expertise of TNTs employees to support the WFP in areas such as preparing for emergencies, fundraising from the private sector, and improving the WFPs transportation network for example, by offering expertise in fleet management and supply chain management.

Secondly, TNT provides hands-on logistical support to WFP in emergency operations; for its School Feeding Support as well as private sector fundraising to help the WFP attract other corporate donors and partners. TNT also have a stand-by team ready to help the WFP in any large emergency, and a depot where food relief can be stored and used during an emergency.

Finally, TNT supports WFP by increasing awareness of WFP activities and issues of world hunger among TNT employees, corporations and the public. Greater awareness leads to more donations and financial assistance. They arrange and participate in many activities such as high profile global events like Walk the World; developing an educational package in schools called Kids Moving the World, and organising a global competition for children, called Colour the World. The Private Sector Fundraising initiative helps the WFP identify new potential corporate partners in other industry sectors, including information and communications technologies, business consultancy, food and fuel. These new partnerships are aimed at offering services or goods for WFP. In 2005 alone, our support and activities within private sector fundraising helped WFP raise US$120 million double the amount from the previous year.