Partnership story

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Maersk Logistics and UNDP China


The government of China came to UNDP asking for support in providing funding for a conference of government officials concerning logistics and e-commerce. UNDP came up with another alternative of managing the event by strengthening partnerships amongst key actors in the government and business community in order to share expertise,knowledge and best practice.

Securing effective structures for trade investment and logistics is a vital prerequisite for development. This will benefit the business community at large, as well as assist the Chinese government and UNDP in reaching the MDG’s.

By joining forces and arranging a conference on modern logistics and E-commerce, private companies from the logistics and IT sectors such as Cisco Systems and Mærsk Logistics, the government of China and UNDP created a forum in which knowledge and experience could be shared and new contacts established.

The conference was attended by over 600 representatives from domestic and international businesses, the government and academia. A number of world leading co-sponsored the conference and shared their knowledge and experience. The conference was webcast on a government website. A working group with over 70 companies was established after the event as a follow up to continue the dialogue.