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Maplecroft and Global Compact initiate project to understand human rights dilemmas for businesses


In December 2008, the United Nations Global Compact and Maplecroft initiated a research and solutions forum project on “Human Rights Dilemmas for Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) in Emerging Markets”. The project, funded by a three-year grant by the GE Foundation to the Foundation for the Global Compact, aims to enhance understanding of human rights dilemmas for responsible business, thereby contributing to global thought leadership and best practice, especially in emerging markets.

The report will include extensively researched, in-depth case studies of human rights dilemmas, considered from the perspective of different stakeholders, as well as a set of practical solutions to these dilemmas from different stakeholder viewpoints.

The initiative will feature an online forum to discuss case studies and contribute practical solutions to human rights dilemmas faced by business, as well as the following activities designed to facilitate multi-stakeholder consultation:

  • The identification of key human rights dilemmas and development of relevant business case studies – building on previous UN Global Compact, Maplecroft and other leading-edge research and publications to enhance coherence for business.
  • The establishment and convening of a moderated discussion and solutions forum of human rights dilemmas and solutions amongst different stakeholder groups. The solutions forum will actively engage and invite feedback and solutions from different stakeholders worldwide – including MNCs, international organisations as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and academics. Access to dilemmas will be available online through and hosted by Maplecroft through its in-house IT function.
  • The collation and publication of a landmark report including multi-stakeholder reviewed dilemmas, case studies and best practice solutions, augmented with viewpoints and quotes from a selection of stakeholder groups and organisations.