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Public invitation for comment on business engagement in water-related policy


07 July 2009, New York – The UN Global Compact Office announced an invitation for public comment in connection with the development of guidance for corporate engagement in water-related public policy.

In 2007, the UN Secretary-General, in partnership with international business leaders and under the auspices of the UN Global Compact, launched the CEO Water Mandate – an initiative established to better understand and advance water stewardship in the private sector. Since its inception, the Mandate has held semi-annual multi-stakeholder workshops, focusing to date primarily on one of the initiative’s six core elements. The Mandate’s 3rd Working Conference – held in Istanbul in March 2009 at the Fifth World Water Forum – was aimed at better understanding the Mandate’s “Public Policy” element. At this meeting, in recognition of widespread confusion by companies and stakeholder concern on this topic, the Mandate decided to create a best practice guidance on business engagement with water policy.

This Guide ultimately aims to provide principles, concepts, practical steps, and case examples that can facilitate companies’ responsible engagement with water policy in a manner that reduces business risks while advancing policy goals and positively impacting nearby communities and ecosystems.