Partnership story

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UNDP-INTEL project addresses youth social inclusion problems in Ukraine


To support youth development in Ukraine, UNDP and technology company INTEL decided to join efforts and design a special project which would assist in developing social competencies (project management, critical thinking, leadership, conflict resolution etc.) of young women and men through the use of ICT tools and on-line learning opportunities as well as to foster inter-generational equity and social solidarity via creation of a living heritage treasury on-line library.

The 3-year UNDP-INTEL project is undoubtedly among one of the most complex and multidimensional partnership projects of the UNDP in Ukraine. However, each partner uniquely enriches the project.

UN Volunteers (UNV) brings in its expertise on volunteerism which will be used as a cross-cutting mechanism, instrumental and integral to each component of the project. By improving the perception and understanding of volunteerism, the project will support the development of more opportunities to engage in meaningful volunteer activities in local communities. INTEL provides knowledge resources as well expert guidance on the use of ICT as a tool for youth social activism and expansion of its use in formal and informal education.

It has been only three months since the project team has started working, and there is much work ahead. However, it can be already seen how combining resources and competencies in innovative ways, capitalising on each others’ strengths and capabilities enables UN and private sector to address challenges that are too complex to be addressed alone.