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Ford Foundation, UNESCO establish new body for quality assurance of higher education in the Arab States


In January 2006, UNESCO’s regional bureau for education in the Arab States, with assistance from the Ford Foundation initiated a project to assist Arab countries in meeting the increasing demand for higher education and providing equal educational opportunities to all citizens by establishing a regional body for quality assurance in higher education in the Arab States.

The quality of higher education remains one of the major challenges in the Arab States. Hence, broad regional consultations are urgently needed in order for the Arab States to come to a common stand on the issue of quality education and establish an entity that is largely accepted by the Arab States and the higher education community without any external pressures or unilateral decision. The current project will carry out the following long-term measurable outputs:

  • Development of quality assurance indicators and regional cooperation mechanisms;
  • Documentation and dissemination in terms of quality assurance in higher education;
  • Coordination of comparative studies among the Arab States;
  • Establishment of a regional network.