Partnership story

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Cooperation between UNITAR and VEOLIA Environnement


UNITAR and VEOLIA Environnement have renewed the partnership that unites the UNITAR Local Development Programme and VEOLIA Environnement. This innovative cooperation has been initiated in 2002 after the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg and it has been successfully and continuously renewed.

The partnership is centered on two objectives:

  • The support of capacity reinforcement activities that are conducted by CIFAL centers (French acronym for International Training Centres for Local Authorities and Local Actors) and that are aimed at supporting local authorities
  • The support of the initiative « Access to Basic Services for All » conducted jointly by UNITAR and UN-Habitat with the objective of presenting guidelines on basic services to the Board of Trustees of UN-Habitat in 2009, and thereafter to implement them locally.

The local authorities are the primary beneficiaries of this partnership by benefiting of the experience and the expertise of a leading, global service provider; specifically by receiving aid in the optimisation of the management of their urban services (water, sanitation, transportation, waste management, etc.).

The contract has been renewed for a period of three years (2009-2011).