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Kraft Foods & UN Volunteers help enhance African food business


Food experts volunteering under UNV’s programme with Kraft Foods Inc. have been helping African food businesses expand internationally.

UNV and Kraft have cooperated since 2001, sending pairs of skilled volunteers to offer food processing advice and training in countries such as Ecuador, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan and Madagascar. While Kraft funds the two-week assignments and selects employees to take part, UNV identifies local host organisations that will gain from their skills, such as the Songhai Center in Benin.

Around 50 UNV-Kraft missions have taken place to date, and 91 corporate volunteers have taken time out from their jobs to participate. During April 2008, two other Kraft volunteers spent a fortnight teaching students in Viet Nam. Later this year, two more volunteers are set to share their skills at a chocolate factory in Maputo, Mozambique, and Kraft and UNV are working on developing the volunteering programme for the future.