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Encouraging the Tourism and Travel Industry towards a Low Carbon Economy


June 5 2009 – In anticipation of the UN climate conference COP 15, to be held in 6 months time, global business leaders came together at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen (May 24-26).

At the event, the report ‘Towards a Low Carbon Travel and Tourism Sector’ was presented by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This study represents the fruit of a collaboration between UNWTO and several key organisations and is part of a longstanding action by the tourism and travel sector to respond to climate change.

The study – a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, UNWTO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, UNEP, and Tourism and Travel business leaders issued by the WEF with Booz & Company as senior advisor and research partner – puts forward proposals for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emission in various sectors such as transport and accommodation.

It also considers market mechanisms and innovative methods of financing the transformation towards a green economy and encourages new public-private-partnerships

The study points out how governments, industry stakeholders and consumers can collectively improve the low carbon sustainability of travel, which will in turn enable the continued growth of the sector and the sustainable economic development of nations.