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Chevron and UNDP work together to support small enterprise development in Angola


The UNDP-Chevron Angola Enterprise Program (AEP) has offered capacity development to key public institutions and developed several projects until now. These projects facilitated the access of marginalized small enterprises to resources such as finance, technology, management know how and information.

The UNDP-Chevron Angola Enterprise Program (AEP) organized a Business Incubator Seminar on 25 August 2005 at the Sala Esmeralda of Hotel Alvalade. It was participated by over 50 participants from the government, donors, private sector & other oil companies, banks and NGOs. The UNDP Resident Representative: Mr. Pierre-François Pirlot opened the seminar while Mr. Estevão Mambo from Chevron delivered the closing remarks.

The primary aim of the seminar was to present the results of the feasibility study on the installation of the first business incubator in Luanda which was conducted by Professor Maria Alice Lahorgue. Prof. Lahorgue was commissioned by AEP to carry out the study in Luanda from 15-26 August 2005. Her mission was also supported by ANPROTEC within the framework of the collaboration between AEP and ANPROTEC-Brazil.

One of the successful projects of AEP is the Business Incubator in Luanda. INEFOP (National Institute for Employment and Professional Capacity Building) attached to MAPESS (Ministry of Public Administration and Social Security) hosts the Business Incubator.

AEP provided technical assistance and financial support from the beginning whilst Business Incubator facilitated the launch of business for the incubated companies by offering their access to Business Development Services such as finance, management knowledge, human resources skills and technology.

Business Incubator in Luanda was established in May 1 st, 2007 (Labor Day). It offers the businesses, office space, business facility (internet, telephone, photocopy), capacity development seminars (stock control, management course, accountability) and consulting services.

Recently, Business Incubator has also started the services to certify well prepared incubated companies to the financial institutions, to receive credit under the partnership with Total and its program Zimbo. As of February, 2009, two incubated companies benefited from this scheme received USD 30,000.00 each.