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WFP/Vodafone/UNF Partnership for Emergency Communications


In February 2008, the Vodafone Foundation (VF), the United Nations Foundation (UNF) and WFP have launched a three-year Global Partnership for Emergency Communications to create a groundbreaking ‘’ICT Humanitarian Emergency Platform’’ in support of the entire humanitarian community (including UN agencies and NGOs) operating in emergencies.

The aim is to increase the efficiency and coordination of emergency communications by optimising and standardising ICT solutions in emergencies, expanding the pool of trained ICT experts, establishing a network of stand-by partners ready for deployment, and enabling immediate dispatch of ICT emergency responders. This new partnership builds on a project funded by VF/ UNF, started in 2006.

The ICT Humanitarian Emergency Platform includes four key activities:

1. ICT Solutions – Optimise and standardise the application of ICT solutions used for humanitarian emergency response, based on the experiences and needs assessments from ICT emergency responders from the wider humanitarian community

2. Capacity Building – Increase the response capacity and expertise of ICT professionals in humanitarian emergencies; train 500 ICT responders to ensure a faster and more efficient response

3. Stand-by-partners – Establish a network of stand-by partners ready for deployment by creating alliances with NGOs, government agencies and the private sector

4. ICT Rapid Response Team – Enabling immediate dispatch of ICT emergency responders through the availability of advance funding.