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Provision of services / personnel


Increasingly, companies are strategically aligning their core strengths with global issues. The UN is interested in partnerships where corporate capacity is linked with key areas of interest.

For example:

Disaster activity
In regard to disaster activity, long-term partnerships are ideal. Disaster preparedness partnerships are best coordinated when the UN organisation and the corporation know what services will be available and when. Long-term partnerships are also ideal in terms of disaster reduction. This is because the two partners have opportunity to determine the most strategic manner for the company to engage so that, should a potential disaster loom, its impact can be prevented or at least reduced. Development
There are many ways that a company’s services can increase capacity, provide training and strengthen enabling environments so that developing economies have greater opportunities to flourish. Examples of needed services include: engineering, legal services, manufacturing, financial services, information technology, etc.

Please note that special care must be taken when a company’s provision of services places people in unfamiliar environments, Often the provision of services requires familiarity with language, customs, food, clothing, and social norms. As such, training or other steps might be needed, to ensure the partnership works well.