Partnership story

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Boosting private sector development in Belarus


In collaboration with the Council for Enterprise Development and the Republican Fund for Promoting Enterprise Development, UNDP Belarus launched a set of initiatives in December 2006 to facilitate consultations between the business community and the Belarus government with the aim of introducing measures that will unlock the growth potential of small companies.

The initiatives of this partnership include establishing teams of experts to perform in-depth studies, propose policy measures, and draft legislations on issues that face the business community; facilitating participatory debate on such proposals among business associations, civil servants, and other stakeholders; and informing the general public about the positive role of private enterprises in national development by publishing newsletters and generating media coverage.

The sustained dialogue among the business community and national and local governments has led to favorable changes in the legislation that regulate business activities. The initiatives have also strengthened cooperation between various associations in coordinating their differences for policy changes, increased the private sector profile among the public, and introduced new forms of business networking and cooperation, such as subcontracting and industrial clustering.