Partnership story

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E-Communities in Ukraine promoting youth civic participation


UNDP partners with Intel Ukraine Microelectronics Ltd., a division of one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies on a one-year pilot project, launched in July 2007 to create a web-based e-community for students from select universities.

The cooperation between UNDP and Intel aims at development of young peoples’ 21st century skills. In addition to the creation of a web-based e-community the partnership will organise joint training for youth leaders and educators on developing and managing social projects in an e-community environment. The primary goal is to provide support to young people in becoming pro-active members of society through the introduction of innovative IT-based tools and mechanisms, informational resources and transfer of relevant knowledge.

Long-term impacts include increased access to innovative IT-based tools and informational resources and improved capacity of young people to
participate in local decision-making processes through more active involvement in the life of their local communities.