Partnership story

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Arts and crafts training for the disabled in Armenia


UNDP, VivaCell, Armenia’s leading mobile phone operator which provided $127,120 USD in financing, and the Armenian Association for the Disabled (Pyunic), which provided facilities, transportation and logistical support partnered in an Arts and Crafts project for the disabled in Armenia.

Stereotypical perceptions of people with disabilities resulted in people living with disabilities in Armenia having very limited opportunities for training and employment.

This project aimed to improve the living conditions of disabled people in Armenia by establishing Arts and Crafts Production Centres in premises operated by Pyunic. Under the supervision of professional artisans and trainers, people with disabilities made their own artwork and souvenirs for sale in souvenir shops throughout Armenia and at charity events.

Disabled individuals of ten years old and up were recruited and grouped according to their interests in painting, pottery, wood and stone carving and embroidery. This project helped not only to showcase talented disabled individuals, but also to create opportunities for the disabled to learn new skills in traditional crafts and to earn income.