Partnership story

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Nestlé Pakistan, Engro Food Pakistan and UNDP – empowering communities through livestock development


UNDP, Nestlé Pakistan, Engro Food Pakistan develop a sustainable system in which women can benefit from providing primary livestock services in the villages where the animals are located.

Millions of rural poor depend on livestock for their livelihood and it is their only means of savings for emergencies. If well integrated into the household economy, it shows more efficient use of family labour and secures a cash income spread over the entire year. Women dominate livestock management in Pakistan and are involved in almost all aspects of animal health and production. However, women’s role in livestock production has been underestimated, undervalued and widely ignored.

This three-year, 6 million US$ project launched in August 2006 aims to provide enhanced income and employment for 3,600 rural women through livestock skills development, improved livelihoods and food security at the household and community level. They are taught about different small livestock businesses – home poultry, dairy farming, animal nutrition, beekeeping, milk collection and its management. As of December 2007, some 850 Lady Livestock Workers (LLWs) had graduated from the trainings developed in partnership with the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS).