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Microfinance in Malawi


The FIMA (Financial Inclusion in Malawi) project will focus on three areas of microfinance to support innovation, increased outreach and sustainability of operations.

UNDP in partnership with United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is supporting the Ministry of Finance to implement the project, Financial Inclusion in Malawi (FIMA). The project will focus on developing and implementing a national strategy for building an inclusive financial sector in Malawi.

There are three areas of microfinance on which the project will focus. The first is supporting the government to develop its policy framework—both legal and regulatory. UNDP has established a microfinance forum for all stakeholders to encourage policy dialogue. The second is supporting innovation through provision of grants for research and development into new products able to reach and meet the needs of a larger number of the rural poor. The third is providing grants in support of capacity building of key institutions and players at the policy, market infrastructure and microfinance institutional level.

The project began in July 2007 and will continue through 2011 subject to extension.