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Expedia, UNESCO and the UN Foundation – providing the tools to protect world heritage


Expedia, Inc, UNESCO and the UN Foundation founded the Friends of World Heritage initiative to ensure the protection of World Heritage sites for today’s travelers and future generations.

Friends of World Heritage is a community of individuals all over the world working to preserve and protect UNESCO World Heritage sites for local communities and for future travelers. World Heritage sites—places recognised for their outstanding natural and cultural value to the world—are irreplaceable sources of life, culture and livelihoods. Through the Friends of World Heritage website individuals—travelers and non-travelers—are provided with the tools to protect World Heritage, connect with local communities and travel responsibly.

Additionally users can contribute to the Friends of World Heritage Fund. Funds raised through the Friends of World Heritage Fund will go to World Heritage projects and priorities where resources are scarce. Furthermore, contributions from individuals may be matched twice over by Expedia, Inc. and the UN Foundation.

Friends of World Heritage’s founding partners – Expedia, Inc, UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, and the UN Foundation – jointly allocate the Fund, identifying projects that support local tourism enterprises that can help alleviate poverty and conserve World Heritage sites. Projects that benefit from Friends of World Heritage support will be profiled on