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Executives visit UNHCR projects in Africa and pledge more help


Some of UNHCR’s top business partners have pledged to continue supporting the UN refugee agency despite the world’s most severe economic crisis in decades. The promise came when members of UNHCR’s Council of Business Leaders visited Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa last week.

In what has become almost an annual event, top executives from Manpower, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft and Young & Rubicam took time off from their busy schedules to visit UNHCR field operations and get a first-hand view of life for displaced people and how the agency is helping them.

The executives were particularly struck by what they saw in Musina, where UNHCR helps the South African government at a Refugee Reception Office set up last year to handle the increased volume of Zimbabweans crossing the border to seek asylum.

Another outcome of the mission was a commitment by the Council to work with companies in South Africa to fight against illegal labour and to allow refugees to work in decent conditions.