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Partnering with UNHCR, Nike reaching out to refugees in Kenya


Nike gave a large donation of shoes and clothing to support sports activities in the Kenyan refugee camps of Kakuma and Dadaab. Soccer, netball, volleyball and wheelchair basketball are all played in the camps. Not only do these activities help people to gain confidence in their own abilities, they also foster peace within the camps and with local communities. Importantly, they encourage girls to join in with other aspects of camp life.

Kofi Mabla, who heads operations at Kakuma, says, “Sports have improved contact between refugees of different ethnic groups, and with the local community here over the years. The Nike donation gives these teams self-esteem and great pride.”

Hannah Jones, Nike’s Director of Corporate Responsibility for Europe, Middle East and Africa, says, “The development of UN Refugee Agency sports programs in refugee camps is a shining example of the role that sports can play in resolving conflict, and building communities. We’re proud to be able to partner with the UN Refugee Agency in this program.”

The UN Refugee Agency continues to partner with Nike on a Kenyan project to increase girls participation in sports and education.