Partnership story

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Local Shell businesses assist refugees in cooperation with UNHCR


Over the years the private sector has provided UNHCR with assistance in its efforts to help refugees around the world. Recently in two separate parts of the globe local Shell businesses have been cooperating with UNHCR in this regard.

In 2002, UNHCR began a pilot project under which Shell employs refugees in part of the company’s retail network in Greece. Following an initial screening by one of UNHCR’s implementing partners, candidates are interviewed by Shell Hellas. Successful ones go on to receive training while holding temporary, renewable contracts with Shell. So far two refugees have benefited from this arrangement, which is expected to continue throughout 2003.

In a very different scenario in south-west Asia, Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) made another valuable contribution in the form of diesel and container drums to both new and old refugee camps hosting Afghan refugees. From May 2002 until mid-February 2003, SPL provided some 252,000 litres of diesel to run the generators for 15 water-supply systems.

In addition to fuel, SPL also donated some 10,000 buckets and 3,000 multi-purpose steel drums, which were distributed to refugee camps in the Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and the province of Baluchistan for the purpose of water collection.