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UNHCR's campaign will help refugee children learn and play


Under the slogan “Nine million faces. Nine million names. Nine million stories,” UNHCR and its corporate partners are counting on a major new internet-based campaign to help refugee and displaced children around the world. was launched on World Refugee Day (June 20 2006) as a new public-private sector initiative and an example of how business partners are helping UNHCR to give refugees hope for a better future.

The campaign includes a 30-second TV spot featuring Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, who is supporting in his capacity as a UNDP goodwill ambassador. It also features short films about young refugees in Azerbaijan, Uganda and Thailand who share similar experiences, hopes, ambitions and love of football. The films can be seen on the website, along with photo galleries, stories and blogs.

The campaign has received key support from Nike and Microsoft, both members of UNHCR’s Council of Business Leaders. The Toronto-based international humanitarian organisation, Right To Play, is also a partner.