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Tennis stars rally for a new global partnership with UNICEF


The Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) is partnering with UNICEF to raise funds and promote advocacy for children everywhere. The launch of the “Assisting Children Everywhere” (ACE) was celebrated by an exhibition match featuring many of the world’s top players. This inaugural match, the ‘ATP All-Star Rally for Relief’, raised more than $18,000 for UNICEF.

The world’s top tennis players, including Roger Federer and Andre Agassi, today participated in a crowd-pleasing exhibition celebrating the new global partnership between the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and UNICEF. The ATP-UNICEF partnership is called ‘Assisting Children Everywhere’ (ACE). It was officially launched during the exhibition. It aims to harness the power of tennis to help ensure the health, education and protection of children everywhere. “We are delighted to work with UNICEF to use the power of tennis to help create a better world,” said ATP Chief Executive Officer Mark Miles. “We hope to raise considerable funds to support UNICEF’s work on behalf of children, and to show the world that tennis is more than just a game. Sport can be a powerful force of change for children and families everywhere.”

The UNICEF-ATP partnership will focus on fundraising and advocacy. Among the first initiatives will be a campaign to raise money for global child immunisation programmes.