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Advancing the Education for All initiative brings together the World Economic Forum and UNESCO


In order to address global education challenges, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum combine their global networks and outreach capacities.

The Education for All initiative is a global forum for all educational stakeholders and communities as well as a framework defining global educational objectives and challenges. UNESCO is the designated UN agency to lead this initiative. Both UNESCO and the World Economic Forum consider education a key catalyst and enabler for sustainable social and economic development.

The April 2005 roundtable was hosted by UNESCO/Paris. The participants agreed on the need to build both global and local strategic alliances between corporate, public and civil society sectors to enhance social and economic opportunities for learners and to promote good practice in private-sector support to public institutions.

Previously, in November 2004, a roundtable took place in Brasilia as a side-event of the 4th meeting of the High-Level Group on Education for All (EFA). Participants of this roundtable acknowledged that education is not only among the most important issues facing the world today but also that it presents a business case for private sector engagement.