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A Web-based game supported by Statoil - Surviving Against the Odds: a Taste of Life as a Refugee


You are arrested, beaten up and forced to sign a confession, just for taking part in a peaceful march. Fearing even worse to come, you flee your country taking only what you can carry in a small rucksack. You arrive in a strange city where you don’t speak the language. You don’t know anyone. You don’t know where to go. You have to find shelter, reliable information and a job.

These are some of the challenges facing players of the interactive Web-based game “Against All Odds”, which aims to give young people an insight into life as a refugee.

Developed by UNHCR with financial support from the Norwegian company Statoil, the Web-based educational tool gives young people a virtual experience of what it is like to flee one’s home country and become a refugee. It takes participants through the asylum process and the challenges of starting afresh in a foreign country.

In one of the scenarios, players must overcome obstacles to leave their homes in search of protection and assistance. Once in exile, they must cope with difficulties at school, not knowing the language and making new friends. They also experience what refugees go through when facing discrimination on the streets, applying for a job and generally starting a new life.