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Austrian donation by Palmers AG and DHL-Danzas helps dress displaced Colombians


Thousands of internally displaced people who fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs have received a welcome donation of clothing to help them cope with life in displacement.

Thousands of internally displaced people in Colombia recently received new clothes donated by the Austrian lingerie and hosiery maker, Palmers AG. The donation included underwear, hosiery, T-shirts, caps and other goods suitable for the different climates in Colombia – from the cold capital Bogotá and other Andean cities, to hot and humid provinces like Chocó and those on the Caribbean Coast.

Freight and logistics company DHL-Danzas transported the clothing for free, to then be distributed by the UNHCR and the Colombian government’s Social Solidarity Network. Caritas-Pastoral Social, the Colombian branch of the Catholic organisation, was also actively involved, with more than 30 Catholic dioceses across the country distributing clothing to their organisations and the displaced Colombians.

UNHCR has also delivered the clothing directly to organisations such as the Indigenous Board in Bogotá. The Indigenous Board includes indigenous people from different communities all across Colombia, from the huge rivers in the west of the country through the high mountains in the Sierra Nevada and the Amazonas. These Indigenous people all have something in common: fighting between armed groups forced them to flee their homes for the capital, where they are struggling to rebuild their lives.