Partnership story

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Public private partnership for the urban environment (PPPUE) develops innovative local initiatives


Through the public private partnership for the urban environment (PPPUE), UNDP is tackling some of the most urgent environmental problems in developing countries by creating partnerships between the public and private sector companies.

The PPPUE facility supports the development of such innovative partnerships at the local level. Focusing on assisting small and medium-sized cities, PPPUE works with all potential stakeholders, including investors, providers, regulators, users, and experts to meet the challenge of providing basic urban environmental services.

PPPUE supports innovative projects that focus on development challenges such as: inadequate water supply and sanitation infrastructure, inadequate waste management systems, water and air pollution and ineffective and wasteful energy sources and technology. Currently, PPPUE has selected 13 projects for implementation in nine different countries ranging from: water treatment and/or supply in Namibia, Poland, and Bulgaria; agricultural, industrial and marine waste in the Phillipines; municipal solid waste in Costa Rica to district heating in Azerbaijan.