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Partnering for Development – Making It Happen


This guide, produced by UNDP, addresses the benefits of public-private partnerships for reaching the Millennium Development Goals. The guide briefly introduces the topic, describes the global context and reasons why the public and the private sectors should engage in partnerships.

As a follow-up to the publication “UNDP and the Private Sector: Building Partnerships for Development”, which focused on describing partnership cases, this publication addresses the overarching questions and concepts regarding partnerships with an easy to read style that serves as a notable introduction to the topic. Its aim is to answer the question of why different actors should engage in partnerships. It presents the argument that by combining the knowledge, experiences and resources from both the private and public sector, both sectors can potentially benefit. In addition, the publication stresses that bringing corporate social responsibility to the country level and stimulating business partnerships for development is a main priority for the UNDP, which plays a central role as a facilitator between the business sector and other stakeholder groups and development partners.