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UNESCO and Microsoft lead ‘Next Gen’ teacher seminar in Asia-Pacific


UNESCO and Microsoft brought together teachers from across Asia to discuss issues relating to bringing ICT into teacher education. The regional workshop, entitled “ICT-integration for the Next Generation of Teachers,” explored ways to train teacher educators to act as coaches for their colleagues, including through participation in the Microsoft-sponsored Peer Coaching programme.

The workshop was organised as part of the Next Generation of Teachers (Next Gen) project with the collaboration of the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, East China Normal University and Yunnan Normal University.

Recognising that teachers are central to successful learning, UNESCO has supported the professional development of teachers for nearly 60 years. UNESCO’s most recent initiative is the Next Gen project. Its goal is to enable the next generation of secondary teachers in the Asia-Pacific region to exploit the benefits of ICT for enhancing teaching and learning.

Through this project, teacher educators in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) across the region will learn a variety of instructional approaches utilising ICT and will gain the flexibility required to bring the benefits of ICT into classrooms and improve the quality and reach of education.

The regional workshop held in October will be followed by another one, in April 2008, which will focus on curriculum development.