Partnership story

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Businesses contribute to tourism programme


The tourism programme has developed a number of joint activities with the private sector, which has led to the development of joint publications.

UNEP assists trade associations, business development institutions, corporations and entrepreneurs to incorporate sustainability as one of the core values of any economic activity.

The co-operation developed between UNEP TIE and three main industry associations – the International Hotels Association (IHA), the International Hotel Environment Initiative (IHEI) and the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IHRA) – has led to these publications: - Environmental Action Pack for Hotels - Environmental Good Practice in Hotels: Case Studies for the IHRA Environmental Award - Dissemination of information through the industry association magazine “Green Hotelier” - Joint regional workshops with regional hotel associations. More than 185 supply-side economic activities that have significant connections to tourism are listed under WTO’s Standard International Classification of Tourism Activities. This impressive network of businesses is at the center of one of the world’s biggest economic activities.