Partnership story

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Unilever and WFP have announced a new partnership in the fight against child hunger.


Unilever commits itself to provide expertise in nutrition and health as well as financial support to assist poor families in the developing world. The three-year partnership supports the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, specifically the first: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and the second: Achieve universal primary education. Unilever and WFP will focus their joint efforts on school feeding and nutrition education in schools, in addition to cause related marketing campaigns and employee engagement activities.

The overall objective of the partnership is to feed poor children and their families and improve their nutritional health. Both organisations are highly concerned about the 300 million malnourished youngsters in the world, and in particular about school-age children.

WFP has built up a unique knowledge of nutritional needs, has a vast logistical expertise as well as close ties with governments, non-governmental organisations and local communities.

Unilever brings to the partnership long-standing expertise in nutrition and health, product development and marketing. Unilever reaches a global consumer base and has proven its ability to develop sustainable delivery mechanisms to low income consumers in many different regions of the world. Unilever’s Family Goodness brand (which includes Blue Band and Rama) will be the first in Unilever to bring the partnership to life.