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Fondation Sogebank: managing Global Fund grants as Principal Recipient in Haiti


Fondation Sogebank, the philanthropic foundation of the biggest banking group in Haiti, became Principal Recipient of a Global Fund HIV and AIDS grant in 2002 under funding Round 1. Fondation Sogebank managed this grant together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). From Round 3 onwards Fondation Sogebank was selected as the sole Principal Recipient and administrator of Global Fund grants which now includes support for programmes fighting tuberculosis and malaria.

As a Principal Recipient, Fondation Sogebank carries a number of responsibilities. It supports sub-recipients in setting up their projects and action plans, pays out their fund allotments, procures drugs, commodities and products, monitors performance, validates data received from sub-recipients and compiles the reports for the Local Fund Agent and the Global Fund Secretariat.

Representatives from the private sector in Haiti have welcomed the Global Fund funding model as it demonstrates that a private institution can assist and complement the government in the efficient and rapid provision of services. But in a long-term perspective, such assistance has to be combined with increased capacity development of the public partner.