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National Cleaner Production Centres bring 'cleaner vision' to the world


Since 1994 UNEP, in partnership with UNIDO and local host organisations, have supported Cleaner Production (CP) policy analysis, training activities, in-plant demonstrations and information networking through the setting-up of a number of National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPC) around the world.

Currently, NCPCs exist in over 42 countries. The UNIDO/UNEP NCPC Programme aimed at strengthening the local capacity to introduce, implement, and further develop CP initiatives at the national level. The NCPC programme was reviewed in 2008 and up-scaled to include Resource Efficiency, linking CP more profoundly with today’s most pressing environmental concerns at local, regional and global levels and to emphasize the triple bottom line relevance of the contribution of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) to environmental conservation, production efficiency and human development.

The joint UNEP-UNIDO RECP Programme objective is:

To contribute to sustainable industrial development and sustainable consumption and production in developing and transitional economies, through the greater uptake of RECP by businesses, governments, financial institutions and other stakeholders. The Programme provides a strategic and coherent framework for the up-scaling and mainstreaming of NCPC activities and results – nationally, regionally and globally. More specifically to:

• Increase worldwide consensus on a resource efficient and cleaner production ‘vision’
• Catalyse implementation of policies and strategies, environmental management systems, environmentally sound technologies, products and the establishment of National Cleaner Production Centres
• Support the growing network of organisations dedicated to promoting Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production activities
• Help enhance capabilities through training and education
• Encourage demonstration projects and provide technical assistance.

The network of National Cleaner Production Centres includes representatives from governmental organisations, multilateral organisations, industrial stakeholders, development banks, academia and other non-governmental organisations (including professional associations such as the World Cleaner Production Society, World Environment Centre, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, etc.). A global RECP-Net is currently being developed which will facilitate the opportunity for the members to exchange results and experiences.