Partnership story

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UNDP and Bionexx partner to Fight Malaria in Madagascar


In an effort to fight the global Malaria scourge, UNDP’s Growing Sustainable Business Programme recognised an opportunity to develop local farming initiatives in Madagascar to fight the disease.

With technical help from Rutgers University (in collaboration with BAMEX) and TechnoServe (NGO), the GSB teamed with the Madagascar-based company Bionexx to implement a successful business model.

Malaria infects 350 million people every year, killing one million of those who suffer from the disease. In addition to the abundance of cases, the infection has grown resistant to traditional treatments. However, Madagascar’s rich biodiversity holds 10,000 different species of plants of which 9,000 are unique to the island. Artemisia Annua, a plant that has been recommended by WHO and UNICEF as an effective treatment for Malaria, grows abundantly in this environment. The GSB recognised the need to develop this good and partnered with Bionexx, the sole producer of Artemisia in Madagascar.

Through working with local farmers in Madagascar, Bionexx and the GSB have enhanced production of Artimisia and strengthened the value chain.