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Get Airports Ready for Disaster – An initiative of Deutsche Post DHL and UNDP


GARD stands for “Get Airports Ready for Disaster” and is a crucial step in making worldwide relief efforts more effective. Deutsche Post DHL, one of the world’s leading logistics providers, and its subsidiary DHL have developed the GARD program together with UNDP. Its aim is to prepare both airports and people for disaster situations, gauging an airport’s surge capacity for disaster relief operations post calamity and providing lifesaving recommendations for those in charge.

GARD is based on the premise that the more “ready” for disaster an airport is, the faster and more efficient help can be. This is what motivated DHL and UNDP to launch the program in 2009 and help get airports “disaster ready”. The GARD program objective are to prepare airports to better respond to disaster relief surge, build up local capacity by training local people, and to enable local disaster relief agencies to better plan and coordinate relief efforts. More specifically, the program prepares airports and people during disaster-free times by:

• reviewing airport capabilities and capacities
• understanding coordination requirements
• training local people (train-the-trainer concept)
• helping to formulate a contingency plan and a coordination structure