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What standards does Global Hand adhere to?

Global Hand adheres to standards relevant to its operations from major standards bodies including:

  • The Sphere Project
  • The Red Cross code of conduct
  • People In Aid
  • Interaction/AERDO
  • Guidelines on Medical Equipment Donation (The Pharmaceutical Program)
  • WHO Guidelines for Drug Donations.

In addition, Global Hand is pro-actively developing further standards of best practice in those areas where few guidelines exist and which, if left undefined, may result in harmful practice. Click here to see Global Hand’s Standards section.

Further, it points to 108 guidelines/standards documents which inform operations in this sector. Click here for Global Hand’s Reference Files.

Global Hand is a member of ALNAP: Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action.

Global Hand is accredited with special consultative status through the United Nation’s ECOSOC.